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Work with me on areas that include Relationships, Dating, Divorce, Post-divorce, Career, Finances, Parenting, Work/Life balance, Physical health, Weight loss, Mental & Emotional Balance, Life Purpose, Cross-Cultural management & Identity and more.

Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching, also known as body, mind and soul coaching, looks at all aspects of your life that can impact your overall wellbeing and wellness. Often when one part of your life causes issues, for example, your career, it can affect other aspects of your life, such as your relationships, thought processes, and physical health. Therefore considering all aspects of your life is an essential aspect of holistic coaching. In essence, body, mind and soul always work together and are never separate. The focus will be clarifying, setting, and achieving goals that will get you where you want to be and harmonise all aspects of your life. All sessions are strictly confidential and private.


Therapy or Counselling, also known as ‘talking therapy’, is where you can discuss whatever is on your mind. It can be unresolved issues from the past or something happening right now in your life or triggers that are causing you to feel anxious, worried, distressed or traumatic. Engaging in therapy is all about you, within a very private and confidential setting, where you can tell your story, understand your issue(s), release emotions so you can move further with your life. Therapy or Counselling focuses on your mental health wellbeing, and the service offered is both for individuals or couples. It can be solution-focused, long or short-term.

Intercultural Family Consultancy

Intercultural Family Consultancy is especially useful in intercultural, bi-racial, mixed-race, international or ethnic minority family units. It is beneficial when dealing with cultural clashes, mother tongue biases, language usage, cultural identity, cultural values & traditions and cross-cultural parenting within a family unit. Intercultural Family Consultancy is used to find clarity, understanding and ways to move forward when being exposed to many cultural identities as a family or individual. Confidentiality and privacy are always maintained.

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Enjoy a 15% discount on Holistic Life Coaching when choosing a package (from 2 sessions and up).

Areas I cover providing Life Coaching, Counselling or Psychotherapy in Central London includes Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Marylebone, Soho, Chelsea and Kensington, City of Westminster, Camden. Pimlico, Lambeth, Richmond upon Thames.