Intercultural Relationship Coaching

Intercultural Relationship Coaching

Located on Harley Street, our relationship coaching and couple’s counselling service can help you to understand yourself and your partner, finding a way through conflict, and discovering new levels of common ground. Located close to Oxford Circus, our couples therapists are highly experienced in working with the individual and the couple in a holistic and compassionate manner, seeking to understand the root of the issue.

Relationships are beautiful regardless of whether it’s between two people of the same culture or an intercultural or mixed couple partnership. Our relationships are strongly embedded in cultural values and beliefs that drive us which further impact our thinking, feelings, emotions, perceptions, behaviours, and other factors.  This is quite an automated process where often we are not fully aware of how we communicate, listen, or act when with others. Our upbringing, how we were treated as a child, and the message we received about relationships also influence the way we relate with others and ourselves. Through couples counselling, we can help you to understand how these factors play into and affect your relationship.

Counselling for Intercultural Couples

All relationships can have their issues and there are factors within a cross-cultural relationship that might cause friction for the parties involved. Cultures can be so different from each other. The values, philosophies, responsibilities, and family roles are all aspects that differ from culture to culture. These worldviews are hardwired in us from birth and are present throughout the lives we live and the choices we make, including how we behave as part of a couple. Our beliefs and decisions are constantly encouraged by our cultural upbringing and sometimes it can be difficult to see the world in a different light. As relationship coaches, we have an in-depth understanding of all of this impacts each person in a relationship. During couples therapy, we can help you both to understand the cultural perspective of the other.

The blending of two cultures that share contrasting beliefs may lead to a difference of opinion, issues with adjusting, and problems with the connection. Relating to your partner may prove difficult when you have only ever known your own culture and are struggling to understand theirs. Linguistic issues may also be something worrying you in your relationship, which understandably can create inevitable barriers.

How Therapy For Couples Works

At our practice on Harley Street, our relationship counsellors, alongside their professional training, understand the experience of cultural blending from a personal perspective, which helps them to have a deeper level of empathy for your unique situation. We work with couples on issues such as dating, divorce, career, finances, parenting, mental health, life purpose, and personal identity. We take a holistic approach to couples therapy, and will work entirely at your pace.


For Cross-Cultural Family Consultancy, book or call now. Instructions on booking a session can be found here, on our bookings page. The team at our practice located near Oxford Circus look forward to hearing from you.