Generalized Anxiety Throughout The Globe And Ways We Can Deal With It

No one is exempt from generalized anxiety, the feeling of constant unease that can affect a person both mentally and physically. Anxiety is a natural response to stress; it prepares us for threats by activating fight, flight or freeze responses in anticipation of external danger. Generalized anxiety, however, is different; it is an anxiety disorder, … Continue reading “Generalized Anxiety Throughout The Globe And Ways We Can Deal With It”

Combat Loneliness with These Five Tips

Loneliness is a profound and universal feeling that we’ve all felt at one point or another in our lives. The number of people worldwide who have been suffering from extreme loneliness (leading to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression) in the past few years has risen exponentially. That’s why the theme of this … Continue reading “Combat Loneliness with These Five Tips”

Post Covid Relationships

Pretty much every relationship in the world has been affected by the COVID pandemic. Some relationships began, some ended, some are stronger than ever and some could use some work. In times of great stress, fear, uncertainty and isolation, these results are completely normal. For the millions of couples that barely made it through and … Continue reading “Post Covid Relationships”

Your career and Covid-19 – making the most of your time!

This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and most of us would have experienced more downtime than we ever have before. This newfound time allowed most of us to spend more quality time with those we live with, build new hobbies and simply destress from the demands of a working environment. This year has … Continue reading "Your career and Covid-19 – making the most of your time!"