Wellbeing Life Coaching

Wellbeing Life Coaching

Ramsahai Wellbeing can offer you Wellbeing Life Coaching to help you reach your capabilities and develop emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Coaching in general is a partnership between an experienced coach and a client seeking growth. After learning about the client’s skills, capabilities and struggles the coach will suggest goals and targets the client can work towards and adapt their lives around. But, different from general life coaching, wellbeing coaching takes a different approach, a holistic approach.


A wellbeing coach will take into account the whole person whilst paying attention to the mind, body and soul. All of which are important in a client’s overall wellbeing, they need to be attended to and understood the same as the tangible aspects of their lives. The steps taken to improve wellbeing may be assisting with specific decision making, improving mental or physical health through action, or suggesting changes one to make to their lifestyle for a happy and healthier result. Clients are also encouraged to identify issues in all areas of their lives rather than focusing on one overwhelming problem because all areas of our lives are intertwined and influenced by one another.

If you feel as though you have something missing, something that’s holding you back from your personal best or something weighing you down. Then please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your first session because your happiness begins with you and the steps to take to get there.

Usually, in life, we allow one-factor to impact the rest of our happiness and our state of mind. If you aren’t content with all three of your mind, body and spirit then usually you will not be happy at all. If you are experiencing inconsistencies or unhappiness in even just one of these areas, you may begin to feel stuck. My holistic approach can help you reconnect the dots, reset your goals and move forward in life.


We are only content when we experience happiness and healthiness in ALL areas of our lives; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, spiritually and materially whilst maintaining a sense of purpose and self-esteem. These all can only be achieved when you fully understand yourself, your worth and your needs, by working through them holistically.


Session by session we will work on a more personal level shaping the time we spend together towards your needs and circumstances. No one person is the same, we all require different needs and have all witnessed different experiences that shape us into who we are, therefore each client will receive a different detailed approach.

Is a Wellbeing Coach right for me?

Few people go through life plain sailing. We all have our ups and downs and how we react to these challenges varies between us all. While some brush them off with ease, others take time to adjust and a helping hand, guidance and support can give a huge boost.


If you want to make positive changes in your life, be a better version of yourself, realise your full potential, gain confidence, be more resilient, achieve specific tasks, address difficulties, have better relationships or improve your career then there’s a good chance wellbeing coaching will be a good choice.