Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual psychotherapy/counselling

Spirituality entails that you recognise a sense of feeling or belief there is something greater than yourself, something much bigger than just your human sensory experience or physical experience that is guiding you. Also that the greater whole of our existence is divine in nature. It’s when you belief that a non-physical part within you knows more about you than your everyday mind which is very limited. Spiritual can also be described as being your true self, the real self, higher self, your authentic self.


The original meaning of the word ‘psychotherapy’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘healing of the soul’ [psyche (soul) and therapeia (healing)]. So with any type of psychotherapy you can find healing at a deeper level. Spiritual psychotherapy, also known as transpersonal therapy is not based in any religion but takes the soul rather than the mind as a focal point in understanding pain, distress or struggles in one’s life. It’s also a talking therapy.


How will spiritual counselling help me?

Spiritual therapy doesn’t only deal with the spiritual aspects of the self. It’s training is still embedded in the major psychotherapeutic theories, where recognising links and patterns from the past is still the case as dealing with any distress or struggle you might be dealing with. Every person is unique and brings different issues, goals and personal development to therapy and as a therapist I will take a client’s lead in how far the spiritual aspect becomes a direct way of working or not. This type of therapies is especially useful when you want to understand your issues from a much larger and higher -spiritual- perspective

FEES: £110 per session, either online through Zoom/Skype/Teams or Face to Face in London (Marylebone or Mayfair)