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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling, Harley Street

How counselling and psychotherapy services can help

Psychotherapy, counselling or therapy (used interchangeably) is the umbrella term for talking therapies. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, continuous worries, or any other emotional issues then therapy is a good place to start. Especially now as the current pandemic, Covid-19, adds extra strain on our overall wellbeing and wellness. It’s good to talk, to be understood and listened to without any judgments. Taking the jump into your mental and emotional health, no matter how daunting it can be is a courageous beginning, because we often shy away from help. Commencing with counselling is a way of taking control of your life if you want to let go of your painful memories, understand yourself more deeply and gain more confidence to live a more stress-free and balanced life. Ramsahai Wellbeing can help you achieve these and more.

The below are just some issues that clients discuss in counselling sessions:

  • their relationships
  • their childhood and upbringing
  • their feelings, emotions such as depression, anxiety, worries and thoughts
  • their behaviour or not knowing exactly why they are behaving the way they behave
  • past and present life events and their current state of mind and feelings
  • situations they find difficult or the trauma(s) experienced
  • not knowing how to move forward in life, feeling ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck’

It’s never late to talk especially in these unprecedented times with Covid-19!

Type of psychotherapy and counselling services we offer:

As individuals, we are all unique beings. This also includes the meaning we give to our experience where the same event experience can have a different meaning to different people. This also accounts how we develop mentally and emotionally and the type of help we need. Ramsahai Wellbeing offers you two types of services: Life Coaching and Psychotherapy (therapy) at our practice near Oxford Circus.

The major difference between psychotherapy and life coaching is the focus of the work: therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. Psychotherapists and counsellors are also trained mental health professionals and working within a regulated field whilst life coaching isn’t.

If you are looking to achieve your dreams and/or break free or if you feel stuck or would like to reach your full potential in your professional and/or private life then Life Coaching is the place to start. Click here for more information if you are interested in Wellbeing Life Coaching. Consider counselling or psychotherapy services if you have a mental health concern, want to heal from past hurts or trauma, or struggle with interpersonal relationships. Often these accompany symptoms such as depression, anxiety, worries, feeling alone and stress.

Ramsahai Wellbeing offers Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counselling and Existential Therapy at our practice on Harley Street.

Ramsahai Wellbeing offers Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counselling and Existential Therapy

Psychotherapy: Cross-Cultural

In general, many form of psychotherapy or counselling can help you work through difficulties or distress. As a niche market within therapy, intercultural or cross-cultural therapy is particularly sensitive to the importance of race, culture, beliefs, values, attitudes, racism, religion and language and therefore especially beneficial amongst culturally diverse individuals. It also recognises the differences and similarities of various aspects of culture between the client and therapist. Being able to connect with your counsellor on a cultural level can enable a deeper level of communication and a more effective therapeutic experience, according to scholars such as J. Kareem.

People across cultures also respond differently to emotional and mental health. For example, whilst it’s quite common in the West to discuss personal issues with a psychotherapist/counsellor, a ‘stranger’, this phenomenon can be quite odd for people from the East. Often they share their distress and difficulties in their immediate family unit, community or group to find relieve. In the West seeking outside help for one’s feelings, emotions and behaviour is a very private matter and in principle not shared with one’s family.

Apart from the issues mentioned above which clients discuss in therapy, in cross cultural or intercultural psychotherapy or counselling clients also discuss add the following issues:

  • identity especially when raised multicultural and/or multilingual
  • identity crisis – which cultural identity to choose?
  • loss or abandonment of one’s mother tongue
  • impact of strict cultural values & beliefs and religion for one’s mental health

FEES: £110 per session, either online through Zoom/Skype/Teams or Face to Face on Harley Street in London.

Regardless of your choice in psychotherapy services, you can experience great healing and relief from being able to share your story in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space inherent in any type of counselling setting. For some people this is all they need whilst others for example want to learn strategies to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship or family issues. Whatever your reason get in touch with me today!


Psychotherapy and counselling sessions last 50 minutes. Payments accepted: bank transfers, debit/credit card (all major cards accepted) and Paypal

For more information on counselling and psychotherapy services, see BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)