Combat Loneliness with These Five Tips

Loneliness is a profound and universal feeling that we’ve all felt at one point or another in our lives. The number of people worldwide who have been suffering from extreme loneliness (leading to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression) in the past few years has risen exponentially. That’s why the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month is loneliness and it’s why we’re sharing these tips to help you combat loneliness in your own life.

Talk to a professional:

If you feel like there’s no-one in your life you trust enough to open up to about your feelings, opening up to a professional can be a great alternative. It’s a safe space where you can talk through your emotions and create a plan of action without fear of judgement or ridicule. At Ramsahai Wellbeing, we offer both psychotherapy and life coaching to help you work through your emotions and become the best version of yourself.

Talk with loved ones: 

One of the essential things to remember when you’re lonely is that it’s a normal emotion with nothing that everyone experiences at times. It’s all too easy to shut out the world, withdraw into oneself, and label yourself an “outcast,” but this isn’t the case.

One of the most common methods to battle it is to challenge that mental barrier and reach out to friends and family  when you’re feeling lonely. Whether you’ve loved ones or friends right next door or around the world, Picking up the phone is a terrific way to feel closer to them. Know there’s no need to be ashamed, and most likely they’ll be all too happy to help.


Volunteering at a local philanthropic or non profit organisation is another fantastic way to feel connected with people. Helping someone in need will be satisfying, but you will also meet many other people who share your love for a cause. It’s been established that kind deeds make people feel better and more fulfilled in life, so why not consider volunteering for a few hours a week? It might be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Find support online:

Because loneliness is a very common problem, many individuals seek someone to connect with online. Join apps like Meetup or Facebook groups dedicated to your passions to meet people who have similar interests to yours.

Always be careful about who you meet online, make sure it’s in a public place and take someone with you or let people know where you are. However, when done safely, you might find true support, connection, and long-lasting friendships from individuals you meet online.

Strengthen existing relationships:

You probably already have individuals in your life who you could learn more about or familial relationships that could be strengthened. If that’s the case, why not contact your pals more often, get out with them more, and find other methods to enjoy and deepen your existing relationships?

Start small if you’re having trouble finding the drive to communicate with your loved ones. Make a list of one supportive family member or friend to whom you could call or reach out. It’s also consoling to know that having a good and strong social support network could help your mental health.


Allow us to guide you through a holistic strategy that challenges all parts of your life rather than allowing one area of your life to dominate and overwhelm you. Your entire being will be explored: mind, body, and soul, providing you with an unrivalled opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness as your mind and body become one. At Ramsahai Wellbeing can help you work through your relationships, career, or mental health troubles. Get in touch to take the first step; you’re not alone!